Poland vs. Indonesia is the very first battle of the series. It features the main character, Poland, rapping against Southeast Asian country, Indonesia.


Lyrics Edit

Indonesia Edit

Why u challengings me!?

Me has za real flag!

Yuo little flag copier, i hit yuo with bag!


I have big chest full of monies

yuo cannot into buying lemonade and honey!

Poland Edit

How darings yuo speak to me zhat way!?

Yuo not even rich, but is op gay!

I am za european i am better than stinky little asian,

yuo better of being caucasian!

Who evers worship za little poor Indonesia?

I has better vacation than you, yuo sad little fushia!

Indonesia Edit

Only a same-flagged jerk can fightings with better version

If only i can use inversion

To turn yuo into dead little persian

Yuo never even noticed, yuo cannot into space

While i forgings this, and then hits yuo with mace!

Poland Edit

With yuor little logic,

i could sayings yuo op flag-copying jerk

I could hirings death to lurk

Facings it Indonesia, i am the za better one

There is no use in fightings back bcoz battle is op DONE!