Austria vs. Australia is the third rap battle of the series. It features the country full of dangerous creatures, Australia, rapping against Austria, whose name is often confused with Australia.

Lyrics Edit

Australia Edit

Oy' mate, Australia here, I'm here to oblir'ate this coward of fear

This puny little european can't even handle a spear

Hitler is Austrian, what a shame to your country

I'd bake you a spider cupcake pantry

Your overweight people are no match for my army of hunting men!

If you were a spider i'd send you back to your den!

Austria Edit

Oh lookings at this oceanic continent, thinks yuo very stronk

Me more aggressive than your Australian monk

I can tell yuo needings attention

Just listenings to me to help your ascension

Yuo may is strong but yuo need manners

Natives livings in you but now they is goners

You still having the mark of UK in you

Is you reals independant?

Or is you just parts of United Kingdom too?

Australia Edit

You better stop ra'ight there m'ate

There's no reason to hate

You're been part of the third reich?

Here's some tarantula sandwiches to make everything better

I think i'll go on and write you a letter

Austria Edit

No no no no, you not smooth talkings me out of this

Because now me is pissed

You cannot just writing letter

That cannot into makings everything the better

Yuo might has been a peaceful land

Now yuo others are just afraidings of your creatures in sand

I shall make winnings this battle, i have earned

Someone make callings of the doctor, because someone just got the burn!